Privacy Policy

The Rivar Group values the privacy of the people we interact with. We (The Rivar Group) stay committed to safeguarding the information that we collect by adhering to high standards of privacy protocols and security. We present to you this Privacy Policy to show how important your privacy is to us and take you through how we manage personal information when you connect with us online. 

We follow stringent privacy protocols and make every effort to protect the information we collect. Our Privacy Policy will have a detailed process and transparent procedure about why we collect your information, how we collect it, what we do with the information we gather and what efforts we take to ensure its safety. Our policy will explain to you how you can access your information that we have received. You can approach us if you find any discrepancies that may notice while you visit our website. 

Gathering of Information 

To help you get the advantage of utilizing our services and solutions, it is important to us to collect your personal information such as your name, phone number and email id, identification details, marital status, and gender. Such information will enable us to reach you for further interactions. 

About Sensitive Information  

Rivar Group will only collect sensitive information only if it is required to further assist you with our products and solutions. We will not gather any sensitive information such as religious and political beliefs, professional associations with certain organizations and sexual orientation. We will abide by the local governing bodies and their authorities in the event of collecting any sensitive information. 

Why we collect personal information  

We gather personal information with consideration to bring you our services, products, and solutions. 

Service utilization: To help you provide appropriate Financial Solutions, Investment Management, Asset Financing, Real Estate Services, and other solutions, we collect personal and transaction information. It will help us bring you quality product offering by Rivar Group. 

Processing: The information we collect about you will give you a better advantage of getting your application and request processed quickly. 

Consumer engagement: Your personal information will help us get a better view of market analysis, consumer research and marketing campaigns. 

Without having access to personal information, we may not be in a position to bring you appropriate levels of services and solutions and process your application further.  

How we obtain your information  

It is our policy to be transparent while we obtain your personal details. We collect your data directly when you interact with us – it can be when you visit us in one of our offices or branches where you submit physical documents with your telephone, email id, or it can happen when you access our website to fill in forms, applications and do transactions with us. 

We secure the information we store  

The information we collect will be stored securely. We maintain your information either in physical or electronic records. We ensure to protect your data by storing it on cloud servers 

How we use your information 

Our primary intention to collect your personal data is to have a dialogue with you and get connected with you to provide useful information about the products and services that you wish to choose us for. We use your communication details to send out regular updates, requests, and attend to you when a product is due for service or renewal. We use your personal information to process your application for the use of our products and services. 

Ensuring your information is accurate 

The details and information we collect from you will stay fraudulent-free and safe at all time. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of the information we obtain from you. We have a transparent privacy policy where you have the freedom to reach to rectify in case the information you provide has to be corrected or updated.  

Keeping your information highly secured  

We take diligent steps to keep your information safe from any sort of misuse or inappropriate activity. Rivar Group ensures that your data stays safe in our physical and electronic records by utilizing unbreachable technology and security protocols and procedures. 

Managing your activity on Rivar Group online presence  

It is not necessary to furnish your personal details. We require your details only when you are considering opting for our solutions and services. In some cases, you may have to fill in forms so that our personnel will be able to reach out to you. In other cases, you may have to log into our dedicated customer portal where you require to provide your details.  

 Every time a user access Rivar Group website pages, we use cookies and the best web browser technologies to obtain your IP address, your server location, and your browser type. We obtain these details to provide personalized communication that might be helpful when you use our services.