TVs of the future

17 Mar 2021 Investments

Entertainment is getting larger. 

And so, does the TV viewing experience. 

Manufacturing TVs is heading for a smart revolution.  

Getting glued to Television and staying amazed with the traditional way of viewing entertainment is now at the cusp of massive change and disruption. All thanks to the penetration of the Internet and smart TV manufacturing! Movie theatres, Satellite channels and Networks reigned long enough to have paved a way for the new disruptors in the world of entertainment. One would possibly agree that smart technologies in manufacturing Televisions gave rise to the much-needed transformation.  

The size of televisions has changed much like the picture and sound quality have changed enormously. And so, does the size of the entertainment on TVs too has undergone a massive change. The rise of ‘On-Demand-Services’ and ‘Over-The-Top’ platforms have aggressively contributed to the way we look at entertainment. The OTT players like Netflix, Amazon and all other regional players continue to ride the wave of smart entertainment.      

When we say smart, we are talking about the smart connectivity that is made incredible through built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware systems. The integrated systems are giving viewers the power to connect from smart devices and stream all their favourite content with a click of a button. The OTT sector in India witnessed a 30% rise in the number of paid subscribers, from 22.2 million to 29.0 million between March and July 2020. India will have 500+ million online video subscribers by FY23 and this number is likely to grow with increased smartphone and internet penetration.  

TV manufacturers are investing to integrate the best of the technologies with an enhanced picture and sound quality, smart connectivity features, better viewing dimensions and every other smart aspect. While better manufacturing capabilities are leading to unprecedented innovations in the world of entertainment, it means that a user will get massive benefits.  

Universal TV Content 

The likes of Netflix and Amazon Video are narrowing down the barriers of world cinema and entertainment by presenting loads of movies, TV shows and documentaries from around the world. There is no language barrier. There is no viewership constrain. And finally, the user is getting the advantage of a vast selection of universal content from home.  

One connection. Multiple screens. 

The advantage of smart TV manufacturing along with the OTT disruption has changed the way individuals and families consume TV content daily. Smart TVs are giving the benefit of a theatre-like-movie experience right at home.  

Lowest cost of the subscription 

Recently hiked TV channel prices by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, millions of viewers have ditched satellite TV channels and switched to OTT apps. The viewers are getting more for the price they had to pay to view the channels. As many OTT platforms offer the lowest subscription prices, it is becoming ideal to stay with the OTT service providers. 

Entertainment at anytime  

Convenience. It is what winning over the viewers to convert to the OTT experience. The power of smart devices is letting a viewer stay entertained, stream, or view his/her favourite movie or TV shows at any time of the day. 

As the TV revolution is changing the way we consume entertainment, Rivar Group takes its manufacturing efforts to device a new innovation for better TV viewing moments. Explore our expertise and see for yourself how we take on the next big TV revolution.