Why choose electric vehicles

17 Mar 2021 Investments



You may call it ‘the future of cars’ or ‘a revolution in the automotive world’, what is important is that Electric Vehicles serve both as an influencer and as an influence.  

When we say ‘influencer’, we mean that Electric Vehicles take the stance of an influencer to be earth and eco-friendly. As an influencer, EVs take the fight to safeguard the environment from the harmful effects of carbon emissions. Unlike traditional cars, EVs have zero tailpipe emissions. EVs produce zero carbon dioxide emission while driving. All in all, it paves a way to improve air quality in cities and towns and thereby reduces the burden of ill health effects. One electric car on the roads can save an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2 in a year.  

And when it comes to the aspect of influence, it goes by stating that EVs can inspire a new generation of car owners to start shifting to the use of new automotive innovation. As an influence, Electric Vehicles stand for incredible benefits for car buyers, be it low maintenance or cost-efficiency. EVs in a way begin to inspire a new generation of activists who protect the environment without taking a fight or a rally. 

There is an increased fascination for Electric Cars in India and around the world. The many benefits that EVs bring have a lot to say about their growing popularity. Here are the major reasons why Electric Cars will be the future of transportation.  


Unlike an Internal Combustion Engine, EVs will not have many mechanical parts. And as a result, EVs will have fewer complexities and lesser maintenance costs. 


Hate the noisy engine sound on the road? Electric Car will be more suitable for you. Since there is no engine under the hood, it means that there is no engine noise. When you drive your car, it runs just that smoothly. 


The technology for Electric Cars is fast upgrading. And so, does the power and capacities of battery functions. With enhanced battery life, you can drive up to 450 KMs with a single charge. It costs you just Rs 1 to run your EV per kilometre. 


The ever-fluctuating fuel prices are leaving every vehicle owner fuming with anger. Why not say goodbye to the fuel hikes? Just switch to an Electric Car and have complete peace of mind and have the freedom from fuel hikes. 


 Forget the ordeals of waiting for your turn to fill in the fuel. Forget the peak hour rush at a fuel station. And forget the long queues. Plug-in your car into a charging point right at your home for 4-5 hours and you will be ready to drive again. 


To help increase the adoption of EVs across the states in India, the Government offers various tax exemptions and benefits on stamp and registration fees. The all-electric trend will give more benefits as it gives rise to an emission-free world made possible with better mobility and automotive revolution. 

While the demand for EVs is growing by the day, there are challenges that EVs manufacturers have to overcome. One such challenge is developing a well-situated charging infrastructure, which can reduce the anxiety of running out of battery. When the charging infrastructure gets as many stations as possible, the adoption of electric cars will be overwhelming. Rivar Group manufactures the new age green cars and electric cars. Our focus on research and development as well as high standards of manufacturing will give us a competitive edge. If you are interested in our partnership, we will be more than happy to begin our new journey.