Cookie Policy

Rivar Group website uses ‘cookies’ A cookie is a small pack of data that gets stored on your web browser to do the following: 

To identify: The sole purpose of having cookies on your web browser is to ensure your identity and to save your preferences. It recognizes your server, IP address and web browser. It ensures a better browsing experience. 

To monitor traffic to the website: We use cookies to track quality traffic to Rivar Group website. The cookies will help us to analyze the kind of page visits, time spent on pages and search preference. By doing so, we will be able to make our website more user friendly. 

To promote products: When you happen to see Rivar Group ads on third party website, the cookies we use will help obtain a user preference, interest, and basic information that the user is searching for.  

When you visit the Rivar Group website or any other website, you have the advantage of configuring your browser, allow or reject cookies. By disabling cookies on your browser, you may lose important access to visit the Rivar Group website.