Asset Finance

From Electronics to Medical Equipment to Digital Screens, today's businesses have the potential to grow limitless, the scope to reinvent convenience, and the capacity to bring something new to experience and promote growth mutually. We have curated carefully defined asset financing solutions for diverse industries to utilize flexible financing options. Our Asset Managers will help clients get the advantage of capital preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Our financial services are covering 14 countries in Europe, expanding to the US and India.

Creating 35000+ employment opportunities from our Financial Services Sector.

Setting up our financial units in India to become Leader in Leasing.

Leveraging digital technologies to grow multi-fold and acquire new gen customers.


The age of Information Technology and Innovations has grown world economies immensely, created lucrative employment opportunities, and redefined convenience and conversations among businesses and customers. To help IT Firms develop cutting-edge solutions, gain market share, and build digital infrastructure, we provide more convenient ways to support new initiatives with flexible financing.


From fuel-efficient vehicles to IoT-enabled car conveniences, the automotive sector has transformed its capacities to thrill car lovers. To help the automotive industry thrive, we provide exclusive Asset Financing and Flexible Leasing to car makers across geographies.

- 28000+ vehicles financed from major European carmakers


From delivering groceries to homes to filming a gripping story to aerial surveillance, Drone Technology is empowering businesses and communities with enhanced possibilities. As a prominent investor in innovative technology, we continue to expand the power of Drones with easy financing solutions. We help companies gain the upper hand with our expertise in Asset Finance and deliver significant profitability.

Large Screens

From products and services to the way they are advertised, the world of marketing has grown bigger and grown more significant with digital innovations. As a global player in the digital world having 15,000+ Digital Assets, we give brands and organizations the scope to reach their audience on large screens. We do so by bringing them well-curated Asset Financing solutions.

- Exclusive manufacturing units to deliver 48,000+ new digital assets
- Financing 10,000+ Assets
- Creating 25,000+ employment opportunities from Digital Sector

Medical Equipment

We are a global player specialized in healthcare equipment with specialist asset management. We put the best of advanced digital technologies, artificial intelligence, and automation to make Sci-Fi concepts a big reality. Our expertise in advanced digital health intelligence helps provide new perspectives and insights to support clinical trials and patient outcomes.
- Setting up large scale Manufacturing Units with Europe's leading Medical Device Manufacturers
- Creating 18,000+ employment opportunities

Smartphones & TVs

The penetration of smartphones and smart TVs revolution has changed the lives of people forever. From e-commerce to streaming online to quick mobile transactions, the automobile and consumer electronics industries are gaining significant profitability. We help manufacturers and investors disrupt their businesses with efficient financing solutions from time to time.

Career Opportunities

We are in the business of impacting the growth of partners. If you have got what it takes to impact our story, then you can join us.