Our businesses keep evolving with the emerging technologies in manufacturing vehicles, consumer electronics, and aerospace devices. We harness the power of advanced robotics and automation, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and IoT. In the end, we deliver products that are efficient by design and effective by functionality, whether it is Electric Cars, a giant LED screen, or an OLED TV.

Transport: Cars, EVs & RTVs

The automotive industry has witnessed a paradigm shift from its utility mode to convenience route. We have set up exclusive manufacturing units to engineer smart and fuel-efficient cars, Electric Vehicles and RTVs. Innovative technology drives our manufacturing efficiency and accelerates growth. We have significantly invested in new technologies to become a pioneer in the manufacturing domain.


To push the boundaries of aerial surveillance and communications, RIVAR Group manufactures the most advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones, and Nano/Mini Satellites. Our continuous R&D efforts give us the competitive advantage to stay ahead in aerospace manufacturing.
- Building next-generation UPV & UAVs, Launch vehicles

Consumer Electronics: Mobiles, TVs & LED Screens

Homes have become more intelligent than ever before with intelligent technologies, IoT, and artificial intelligence. We follow the same enhancement while manufacturing consumer electronics ranging from Smartphones, TVs, and LED Screens. Our strategic investment strategy allows us to deploy the latest in manufacturing, production, and delivery.

- Setting up large scale Manufacturing Units with our strategic partner AMSCREEN
- Large Scale Investments in Digital covering over 10 K+ assets

Career Opportunities

We are in the business of impacting the growth of partners. If you have got what it takes to impact our story, then you can join us.