Our primary focus lies in investing in quality infrastructure solutions for industries that develop new-age products, better transportation, seamless connectivity, and sustainable energy for our future. Each sector plays a significant role in transforming life around us. RIVAR Group brings immense value addition to heighten the business goals of diverse industries and organizations. We provide proven infrastructure solutions that have the power to scale profitability for our investors, partners, and communities we serve.


We are the pioneers in the manufacturing domain to accelerate innovations required for the factories of the future. From manufacturing to production, every aspect of it has changed drastically with technology penetration. We bring innovative Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, IoT, and Industry 4.0 technologies to increase productivity and achieve profits.

- Setting up first-of-its-kind Innovative Manufacturing Hub

- Creating 45,000+ employment opportunities

Urban Transportation

As cities are rapidly expanding, the need for better and agile urban transportation has become a top priority to drive growth. We design, develop, and deliver Urban Transportation solutions that reduce traffic odds and increase easy commuting.

Metro Infrastructure

From Driver-less trains to digital technology that spots a delay and automates maintenance, the rapid phase of technology is revolutionizing innovative steps in the world of rail and metro. Powered by the breakthroughs in Metro Infrastructure, RIVAR Group is building better infrastructure for the on-the-go generation. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities give us the advantage to provide cost-effective Infrastructure solutions.


Digital infrastructure has become an essential backbone for the global economy to thrive. To help pace with the revolution of digital disruption, we provide a sophisticated digital infrastructure landscape supported by AI, IoT, 5G Infrastructure, Big Data & Analytics, Telecommunications Towers, Data Centres, Fiber Cables, and so on.

Renewable Energy

Changes in energy consumption and environmental challenges have transitioned humanity into a low-carbon future. The demand for clean energy is growing swiftly as the electrification of transportation and heavy industrial requirements have gone significantly higher. RIVAR Group provides an efficient infrastructure to generate solar energy and wind power.

Career Opportunities

We are in the business of impacting the growth of partners. If you have got what it takes to impact our story, then you can join us.