We give new business ideas and projects
the power they require.

From Asset Finance to Working Capital Solutions to Commodities Finance, Rivar Group's customized financing options enable businesses and individuals to find the flexibility to fund their projects, no matter the size and scale.

Asset Finance

We have specialized in Asset Financing to successfully transform IT, Automotive, Drones, Large Screens, Medical Equipment, Smartphones & TVs industries. Our global expertise helps our clients realize the potential of their businesses with bespoke Asset Finance.

Commodities Capital

Rivar Group provides customized financing solutions to our clients at various stages to help them meet their business objectives. From commodities purchase to the sale of raw commodities to processed commodities, we provide working capital to support our client's investment strategy.

Career Opportunities

We are in the business of impacting the growth of partners. If you have got what it takes to impact our story, then you can join us.